Monday, October 29, 2012

Wage Discrimination Stats

As discussed in class, here are some 'highlights' (lowlights may be more appropriate here) from the Usual Weekly Earnings from Wage and Salary Workers, Fourth Quarter 2010, published by the United State's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Women who worked full time had a median weekly earnings of $679, versus men whose full-time weekly earnings were $830-- 22.8% less than their male counterparts.
Broken Down by Race/Ethnicity and Gender (Median Weekly Salaries, 4th Quarter 2010)

White Men: $857
White Women: $695 (81% of what their white male counterparts make)

Black Men: $629 (73% of what white men make)
Black Women: $605 (70% of what white men make, 96% of what their black male counterparts make)

Asian Men: $947 ( 110% more than what white men make)
Asian Women: $719 (75% of what Asian men make, 83% of what white men make)

Latino Men: $567 (66% of what white men make) 
Latina Women: $510 (59% of what white men make, 89% of what their Latino male counterparts make). 

Here is a link to the report in its entirety- if you have some time, look it over, 

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