Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Race, Education and Disability Post-Reading Questions

Hi Students,
Thanks for you engagement during class today- I love it when we get a good conversation going!

What are some reasons that students may be 'misdiagnosed' with a learning disability? What factors play a role?

How do ideas about normalcy play into the diagnostic process for Learning Disabilities?

Almost all LD's are diagnosed by teachers. How might race, class and gender play into this process?

What, if any, are the similarities between race as a social construct and disability as a social construct? How are they different?

According to the authors for this, what are some of the problems when disabilities are viewed are "in-child"? What might this kind of framework hide?

What are the connections between racism, classism, sexism, ableism and 'the medical model'? In other words, does medicine (as an institution made of up of doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical research industries, ideologies about disease and health) uphold our racial, gender, and class hierarchies? In what ways?

Did anything from this week surprise you? What are you still having some trouble understanding? 

How does race, class, language background or other factors work together (think intersectionality here) to set-up how we define learning disability? 

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