Friday, October 12, 2012

Pre-Reading Questions for Week Seven

****Trigger Warning: I want this class to be space where people feel safe participating and learning. I understand that some of you may have experienced domestic violence in your own lives, or are close to people who have experienced such violence. It is important that you are not re-traumatized by doing this weeks lesson. If you need to excuse yourself from any of the readings or class- please feel free to do so without penalty*****

Here is the abridged version of the Kimberele Crenshaw Article- please read this instead of the longer piece in your reader. Please print out and bring this article to class on Monday. Note: the Kibria and Serwer readings are the same.

Please read the following resources to familiarize yourself with the concept of domestic violence:
What is Domestic Violence?
Common Myths and Responses about Domestic Violence

For this class, we will be using the following definition of Domestic Violence:
Domestic violence is a pattern of intentional behavior used by one person to maintain power and control over another using any or all of the following forms of abuse: physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or financial abuse.

Why might we be studying intersectionality and domestic violence? How might the experience of domestic violence be different based on race, class, language or nationality?

What is the conventional solution for people in domestic violence relationships? Is this possible for all survivors? Why or why not? What are some alternatives?

Please research the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)- what is it? what are its objectives? 

Why might it be important to look at the phenomenon of domestic violence using an intersectional analysis?

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