Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pre-Reading Questions for Week 3

Hello Students! 

As you could see in class today, it is imperative that you come to class prepared by doing the readings. I expect next week to have higher rates of participation, but if not, I may implement reading quizzes. 

Pre-Reading Questions for Week Three:

Last week we discussed the technical differences between race and ethnicity, please address  what some of the implications/ consequences of defining some groups as a ethnicity and some as a race.

These are the Census questions that ask about race and Ethnicity. Please make a list of what you think the Major ethnicities and the Major races in the United States are. Compare this list to the Ethnicities and Races provided on the Census- what is different? Why do you think that is?

"Fill out" the Census for yourself (Pretend you are Person 1). What did you mark? Were you able to easily check boxes or was it more difficult? Why?

Do you think the racial and ethnic categories that the Census puts out have an influence on the racial and ethnic categories that we use on an everyday basis? Why?

If you were 're-do' the Categories on the Census, what would they be and why?

In our discussion of race and ethnicity we discussed how they are social constructs that change over time. Can you think of some periods in history where the categories on the Census may have changed? What were they and why might they affect the categories on the Census?


  1. Hi Abi,
    Please refer to the syllabus for the due dates of both the pre-reading and post-reading blogs.