Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre-Reading Questions for Week 2: What is Race?

In this course, we will be talking a lot about race and racism. So, its best we get ourselves on the same page. 

How would you define race?

What are some common racial classifications (groups) we use in the United States? Can you define them?

What makes a group of people a 'race'- what common characteristics do they share?

Are racial categorizations universal, or do they vary from society to society? 
Have you ever been to other countries or places in the United States where the racial classification system is different?

How about ethnicity? What is your definition of ethnicity?

What are some of the differences between race and ethnicity? 

How you would characterize your own race and ethnicity? Please explain why you chose the labels that you did.

Has anyone ever gotten your race or ethnicity wrong? If so, what might be the reason for this mis-identification? Conversely, if people are able to identify you correctly- why might this be so?

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