Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Post-Reading/Reflection Prompts for Week 1: History and Future of Ethnic Studies


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Post-Reading/Reflection Questions

Are there any similarities between the issues facing students at San Francisco State University in 1968 and issues facing students today? 

What problems did the 1968 strikers want Ethnic Studies to address? Or, if you were to ask one of the strikers what issues Ethnic Studies was supposed to solve, what would they say?

Imagine a conversation between one of the legislators of HB 2281 and one of the 1986 strikers. What would they say to one another?

Monteiro argues that traditional history classes would actually be outlawed under HB 2281 because they 'primarily teach the history of white people and white studies'- which is primarily designed for the students of one ethnic group (Rule #3). Please compare one of your history classes from high school against the four criteria set forth by HB 2281- would it be prohibited? 

Tom Horne and Michael Eric Dyson Debate HB 2281 on Anderson Cooper 360:
(the video we couldn't get to work in class!)

What are the arguments that Horne is making against teaching Ethnic Studies in the Tucson Unified School District?

What are the arguments that Dyson is making in favor of Ethnic Studies?

Horne argues that these classes separate students out and therefore should be banned- what might be some of the benefits of students taking an ethnic studies class that is different than their own heritage? (i.e. African American students taking a Latina/o studies course, White students taking an American Indian studies course, etc., )

Imagine one of your family members hears you are taking an Ethnic Studies course at San Francisco State, and they ask your opinion on this controversy. What would you tell them? 

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