Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post-Reading Questions Week Twelve

Is Lupe Fiasco's 'Bitch Bad' an example of hip-hop that attempts to be more critically conscious? Why or why not?

Here the are links to the articles we reviewed in class:
Rap's Long History of 'Conscious' Condescension to Women
Why We Need More Songs Like Lupe Fiasco's Bitch Bad
Crunk Feminist Collective- Thoughts on Lupe Fiasco's Bitch Bad
Lupe Fiasco's Bitch Bad Starting an Important Discouse

Which one of the articles resonates the most with you? Why?

"..I don't think the role of feminism is to construct 'proper' femininity or to place limits on how women are able to define and present themselves. I think doing so is actually antithetical to the movement. Teaching women not be sensual and erotic beings, or not to show that we are, is diminishing and subverts  the locus of our own uniqueness as females...On the flip side, we shouldn't support each other to the point of stupidity. We have to demand accountability from each other no doubt. We need to be cognizant of the power in this music of how we are representing ourselves on a global scale and on the historical record" (Jamila, 563). 

What is the connection between the quote from Shani Jamila and the analysis of Fiasco's video. What would she say about his bitch/woman/lady hierarchy?

Do you believe that hip-hop, as a music genre, has more of a responsibility to be socially responsible than other genres? Why?

According to Clay, what are some of the specific reasons that youth feel that hip-hop can help them socially mobilize? Do you think that these are true for your generation? 

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